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IPTV Smarters Pro is an Android Application based on Xtream Codes which provides your esteemed customers with the ability to watch Live TV, Movies, Series on their Android Devices (Mobiles, Android Boxes, Fire TV Stick etc.). It also allows users to catch up on missed episodes as well as live streaming content in HD quality. Apart from this, IPTV Smarters Pro has many attractive features like:

– Multiple player support for better streaming experience. – Users can create and manage the list of their favorite channels. – EPG support for almost all countries. – VOD section with latest movies and TV shows added regularly. – Catch-up feature allowing users to watch missed content.

How IPTV Smarters Pro works

As we have already mentioned, businesses can benefit greatly from using this TV application. It effectively acts as a means to grow IPTV businesses. That said, IPTV itself does not create visual or audio content, provide subscriptions, or sell streams. Users will also need to use their existing TV service provider to take advantage of the media player.

Install IPTV Smarters on Firestick/Fire TV

Although IPTV Smarters Pro is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS mobile devices, it is not available on Amazon Store. Therefore, you will have to sideload it if you want it on your FireStick. Using the Downloader app we will download IPTV Smarters APK.

1. First, we will configure the Downloader app.
This app will help you install IPTV Smarter on your FireStick (because browser downloads are not allowed).

2. On the FireStick home screen, select Find > Search.

3. Type the application name (which is Downloader).
When the Downloader option appears in the search results, click on it.
In the next screen, select the downloader icon to download and install the app.

4. Return to the FireStick home screen after installing the Downloader app.
Select Settings from the menu bar.

5. In the settings, choose the My Fire TV option.

6. When the following options appear on the next screen, click Developer Options.

7. Click Install from Unknown Apps

8. Click Downloader to change the status to ON

With this you have configured the settings of the FireStick to allow the installation of Smarters IPTV and other third party apps. Follow the steps below:

9. You can now open the Downloaderapp
When you first launch this application, a set of prompts will appear. Ignore them until you see the next screen

On this screen, you need to click on the URL text box on the right side (make sure the Home option in the left menu is selected) where it says “http://”.

10. Go ahead and enter the following path on this window: 

Download iptv smarters pro – IPTV SECURED (

Note: You can also use the shortened version of the URL.

Click GO

11. Allow a minute or two to pass until the IPTV Smarter is downloaded to your FireStick.

12. When the download is complete, the Downloader app will run the APK file and installation will begin.

Click Install

13. Wait for the installation to complete

14. Installation is complete with notification of installed app


Now you can choose to click OPEN and start using IPTV Smarters.

I recommend choosing DONE so that you can delete the APK file first and save space on the FireStick's storage.

15. If you clicked DONE above, you will be back to the downloader interface.

Click on Remove

16. Again click Delete

Great ! You now have the IPTV Smarters app on your FireStick.

How to install IPTV Smarters Pro for Windows?

1. First enter the following URL: in a web browser and load the website.
2. Click Download BlueStacks to download the BlueStacks installer.
3. When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded EXE file to launch the BlueStacks installer.
4. In the installation window, click on Install now.
5,The installer unpacks and installs several virtual tools and drivers. The process may therefore take a few minutes depending on the hardware characteristics of your PC.
6. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
Shortly after, BlueStack Engine is started to be configured for the first time.
Just follow the on-screen instructions.
7. First, select your preferred language and sign in to a Google account. This is a necessary step to access the Play Store.
8. When you reach the home screen of BlueStacks, click on the Play Store icon to launch Google Play Store.
9. Type “IPTV Smarters Pro” in the search bar.
10. Select the app from the results, then click Install on the app download page.
11. After successful installation, go back to BlueStacks home screen to launch IPTV Smarters Pro.

Some screenshots for the actual application in windows

Directly download the application


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